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Napa | Small intimate wedding

My husband and I drove down to the court house, one random Monday in September, because we just couldn’t wait to get married.

We never envisioned having a big wedding, and only had a few close friends to invite. I actually didn’t even have a photographer come because it was so overwhelming! However, the two of us, were together, and at the end of the day we were married.

I think weddings are awesome, I think it’s amazing people have SO many people that care about them and want to party….but I also think there is something so romantic and beautiful about a small wedding. They’re less stressful, they save butt-loads of money (is butt-load supposed to be hyphenated?) and they’re adventurous! You can elope anywhere, on top of a mountain, in your mom and dads backyard, in the middle of the woods, at the beach, in an aisle in Target. The sky is the limit! (literally you could get married on a plane)

If you are having a small, intimate wedding or even a straight elopement LET’S CHAT. These are my bread and buttah baby.


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