Boudoir: Let’s celebrate being a woman.

You look amazing. Let me show you.

I love helping each woman discover her confident inner badass.

I love finding her, drawing her out, and showing you where she's hiding. Just because you're a mom, or you work full time, or both, doesn't mean she isn't there. She's waiting, that sexy bombshell inside you just waiting to unleash herself.

She's there. She is YOU.

Let's discover her, and let her out. 

Frequently asked questions

Will my photos be shared publicly?

Only if you want them to be. Your photos are fiercely protected, stored offline only, and delivered securely to you via an offline and password protected device. If you choose to purchase the mobile app option for you and your partner, they will be loaded on that encrypted server. Only you can access and share them.

Should I come back when I lose twenty pounds?

GIRL. I've got you. I've got magic angles, fantastic poses, I will instill you with confidence. You are beautiful, please let me show you. Whether you're a size 0 or 18, Boudoir is a celebration of womanhood and has nothing to do with your weight.

Where will we do the shoot?

Your home!!Lets hang out where you're most comfortable. As long as you have a couple windows, some light shining through, I can work some magic in your space. Another option is renting out a local Airbnb! or if you're feeling super brave, lets go to the beach! 

I don't have anything to wear...

I know how intimidating lingerie is, it scares me sometimes too. However, I have created a client wardrobe with plenty of pieces for you to choose from!  I have something for everyone. If you're wanting to be more casual you can do a flannel, an oversized sweater with panties, jeans and a crop top...this is all about making you feel sexy. 

How much will this cost me?

Your session fee covers the photo shoot, the wardrobe, the champagne and a hair and makeup artist. I then have collections beginning at $800 for you to choose from, they all include an online gallery and an album box. Let me show you, lets set up a meeting!



Pricing at-a-glance

Session Fee:

$250 session fee includes:

the shoot

the location

hair and makeup

client wardrobe and

complimentary champagne.

please note: session fees cover time of the session only & does not include prints or digital files. Please inquire for collection and product information.


Kind words

"Damn, I look good."

Natalie brought out someone I didn't even know I had hiding. My entire experience was easy, comfortable and so incredibly empowering. Holy Crap!!You have to do it. 

— J.A.

"Super fun and easy."

I was terrified to do my boudoir session but Nat made it so easy, so relaxing and made me feel like such a goddess, I wish I would have done this sooner! Cannot recommend this experience enough. 

— L.K.

"My husband is obsessed."

I did these for me, but the look on my husbands face when I shared my gift with him was absolutely priceless! To see myself how my husband has always seen me is a gift I can never repay, thank you Natalie!!

— J.Y.