Balboa Beach Proposal | Steve and Anna

I had the pleasure of photographing a proposal at Balboa Beach the other day for Steve and Anna.

Steve called me a few weeks ago and asked if I could help him set the proposal up and document it and I said heck YES. I love engagement sessions, I love weddings but proposals are where it all begins. The emotion is so raw, it's beautiful, romantic and so exciting.

Before they arrived at the spot, I set up a blanket, some Prosecco and glasses and had their song ready to play on my Bluetooth speaker. I pretended to just be another photographer waiting for the sunset. When they arrived Steve walked her over in front of me, threw his hand up to signal the song and got down on one knee.

I was so relieved Anna didn't realize they were totally blocking my view of the sunset, haha! I feel like that's what I would've done and ruined the whole thing.

Anna was completely overcome with joy and emotion, said YES and then they toasted with some champagne.

We had such a beautiful engagement shoot right after and I loved every beautiful moment.

Such an honor to be a part of and I am sure none of us will ever forget Portuguese beach.