Solano Wedding Photographer | Black Iron Nutrition | Manders and Austin

About a year ago, I joined Black Iron Nutrition to get coaching on my eating life. I had been weightlifting for over two years and after dropping 50 lbs, started to plateau in my weight loss and needed some refining. I also got this super cute new boyfriend who liked to feed me tacos…it became an uphill scale battle! Fast forward to a few months later, one of my favorite YouTube personalities, who is a coach for Black Iron wanted me to fly out and photograph her and her boyfriend Austin in my favorite Colorado place, Rocky Mountain National Park.  I know Manders will tell me I am crazy but I literally felt like a celebrity hired me to come do her shoot, I was a bit star struck, haha! We had so much fun and I will treasure this moment and these photos forever. 

Manders and Austin were so much fun to hang out and hike with. They have such a fun and amazing love, its the best when my camera is filled with cant stop laughing photos. At one point I asked them to kiss with their hands, meaning take your hand, grab her head and pull her in….what happened instead, they started to high five. We could not stop laughing, I am sure the high altitude came in to play a bit.

There isnt a day that goes by where I am not thankful I joined Black Iron Nutrition.  If you ever find yourself struggling, hating diets and restrictions and just want to live your life and lose weight, I highly recommend them!!!