Tuesdays Together at High Voltage Donuts.

The Vacaville TuesdaysTogether group had our September meetup at High Voltage Donuts last week and it was an absolute blast and delicious! Being surrounded by some of the areas finest creatives, while eating donuts and talking about how to protect our businesses is such a great way to start your day.

This group has meant so much to me since moving here. I have met 98% of my friends through this group and we are all entrepreneurs! Its so much fun to hang out with like minded peeps. Community over competition friends, its the way to go.

A Huge thank you to High Voltage Donuts, for letting us sample all your best work and use your beautiful space! I finally tried their most popular donut, the FOREMAN PROBS, its a vanilla donut infused & topped with fruity pebbles. It was DELICIOUS.

Check out the images of High Voltage by yours truly….  Nat Reynolds Photography, And if you're a local creative or business owner, head over to the Vacaville TuesdaysTogether Facebook group to join in on the fun!