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Bay Area Engagement Photographer 

I had the wonderful privilege of joining in on quite the proposal.  Tiffany reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in photographing the event, being that proposals are my favorite thing I told her I would be honored, and to let me know if I needed to hide in a bush for it! Stealth photographer mode!

I didnt end up needing to hide because she showed up to a huge surprise party, blindfolded. Family she hasnt seen in years was there, nephews, nieces, uncles and parents. We all stood on the porch as she pulled off her blindfold in complete shock. She still had no idea she was about to be proposed too and just assumed it was a surprise birthday party. I ran inside to where the proposal was happening as she made her way through a stream of family members and huge hugs. 

Roderick was waiting inside, with their song cued on the stereo, standing in  rose petals shaped into a heart on the floor. When Bernie finally made it inside, Roderick took her hand, slow danced with her to their song, and then finally in front of all their friends and family got down on his knee and asked her to marry him.

It was such a beautiful party! I have never felt so welcome to a family so quickly, everyone was incredibly welcoming and the food was amazing!