21 Random Facts About Me.

1. My legal name is actually NATHALIE Reynolds. There is an H in my name, its french! My mom did not tell me there was an h in my name, I found out when i was 22 years old. I went to get a new social security card and they asked me why I spelled my name wrong, WHAT? I called my mom and she was like "Oh yeah, its spelled Nathalie." Hahaha, one of the silliest moments.

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2. Seems like a good time to tell you my mom is from Argentina! Buenos Aires. My entire family lives there, and its such a beautiful country. I get more excited to meet Argentines than I do any one else. I do not speak Spanish fluently, but I can understand 90% of it!

3. I didnt have a taco until I was sixteen years old. Tacos are not apart of an Argentines diet, and my mom was the main cook in our family. When I got my drivers license one of the first things I did was get a taco! It was love at first bite. They are now my favorite food. I taco bout them a lot. 

4. I was voted class clown, once you spend about fifteen minutes with me you'll see why. I love making people laugh which is why youll see a lot of joy in my images!

5. I am a huge extrovert.

6. I have three kids, they are fifteen, eleven and eight! I love having older kids, its so awesome to watch them be independent and explore and learn...also no more diapers, strollers and being able to sit on the sidelines at the pool is the best. HA.


7. I did my first paid photo shoot in 2009. My business was pretty successful for a few years, then I took a year or two hiatus on the business side after moving to a new city, and now I am a full time photographer. 

8. I go to the gym every single day, except maybe one rest day! 

9. Photography has been my biggest passion since I was about seven years old. My favorite thing to photograph is people in a big amazing landscape. 

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10. I once squat 305 lbs and deadlifted 275, I can also bench 165lbs.  Recently I've started going to Crossfit to work on my endurance instead of just being a she hulk all the time. 

11. I once climbed to the top of the Kissing Camels in Garden of the Gods to photograph a senior shoot.

12. I am completely self taught in photography. I have spent countless hours studying, trying, doing, researching and reading as much as I can. I love every second of my job and I feel completely blessed to have found my passion.

13. I have a tattoo of a phoenix feather on my shoulder, with a tiny hallows tattoo mixed in. I LOVE HARRY POTTER, like borderline obsessed. The phoenix resonated with me as I have gone through a very hard thing, rose from the ashes and became an even strong version of myself. I think life is full of these things that we must learn to rise above and improve on. 


14. One time during a job interview I accidentally smashed the toilet in the managers bathroom. WATER WENT EVERYWHERE.

15. I met my love, Elijah at chick fil a. We were both their with our kids and he was so hot I had to talk to him. My nerdy self went up and asked him if he was going to use all of his chick fil a sauce. 



6. We moved to California in April! We had both always wanted to lived here and a great job opportunity presented itself and here we are! 

17. The beach is my happy place, I dont go in the water, because BRRRR, but I could sit there and stare all day.

18. I have seen every episode of Friends probably 200 times...the Office is coming in a close second. 

19.  I LOOOOOOVEEEEEEE COFFEEEEEE. Love it. Especially Stumptown coffee from Portland. I believe coffee must be brewed in a French Press.

20. One of the greatest places to get tacos is from the hole in the wall, mom and pop, looks like food poisoning places. SPOILER ALERT, you wont get food poisoning. You'll get the best street tacos of your life. I have Elijah to thank for teaching me this. 

21. I have lived in five states. Colorado (where I was born and lived most my years) Texas, Arizona, Missouri and California.