Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Collette and Michael

Colette and Michael met each other on the interwebs, as many couples do now a days. They clicked right away (like my pun?) 

They had such an incredible wedding! I drove down to Presidio for the day, and was instantly amazed at the view! Its overlooking the Golden Gate bridge and used to be an old military base. Seeing the Golden Gate bridge never gets old, its just so beautiful and magnificent. There is a lot of really great history in the buildings on Presidio. I enjoyed the story of the military wives and husbands starting their marriages back in the 1940's, what an incredible place to start your family! I can't even imagine living that close to the bridge.

Collette got ready inside the Funston house and the beautiful chapel was just a few doors down. Collette incorporated so many tiny, beautiful details into the wedding, I also loved how they faced the crowd for the entirety of the ceremony! Such a sweet and welcoming touch for her guests. After the ceremony we rode a trolley to the Green Restaurant down on the pier. Sunset was amazing, I am so glad we were able to pull away from the amazing food for a moment to capture them at sunset.