Napa photographer | Alec and Kylee

Napa Photographer 


Alec and Kylee Alec met in college. They both played lacrosse at Colorado State University, but they didn't meet until senior year even though they shared the same group of friends all the way back in high school. Kylee has pictures of her and her friends at tailgating parties when they were 16 years old and Alec is in the background with his friends! How crazy is that? They finally met with some good old liquid courage after Kylee approached Alec.


And can we we just talk about Cruze? Their dog has the greatest personality, just look through the photos and see what a giant love bug he is.   follow him on insta @cruzenmyway2urheart

I also love that all of us are from Colorado, and we all just recently moved here to California. We had an awesome shoot in Yountville followed by a gorgeous park I have found overlooking all of Napa. It is truly beautiful here.