Sonoma County Photographer | Won't you be my neighbor?

You may not know this, but we just moved to California in April. Moving your business across the country can be pretty scary, but I've been enjoying the challenge! 
One day our court was having a court yard sale/ pool party. Courts in California are awesome, did you know this exists?? Anyway I digress... we wanted to participate but since we got rid of so much to move we really didnt have a lot to contribute. We found a box of old DVD's and had ourselves a blockbuster sale. 

I had really been wanting to meet as many people as I can to establish some friends and some new business! So I had an idea to send my super extrovert daughter around the court with my business cards. I am an extrovert, but hailey is the ultimate extrovert. Within in a day she practically knew everyones names. So I  sent her off with my cards and she came back saying "Hey, how much is a portrait session?? Someone wants to know!" WHAT? Nailed it.


So meet Lilliana, my next door, gorgeous neighbor  who wants to be a model/actress. She had been wanting to get some head shots done, how perfect! We went over to the regional park near our house and did a session together. We had a ton of fun! I love working with teenagers. 
Also we learned, that practically every where you turn around here is a vineyard, its so beautiful.