Solano County engagement photographer


Solano County Proposal- Matt and Taylor

Many, many years ago in my moms daycare, I met a girl named Taylor. I have fond memories of playing with her and we even stayed connected through the years. Now were both GROWN UPS, what the heck? In may I reached out for couples who were madly in love to help me build my portfolio. Taylor volunteered and she and Matt came and did a shoot.

I have photographed many different couples over the years, and I can instantly tell when two people have a magical connection.  It honestly reminds me of Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, clearly MINT to be.  We had so much fun during our shoot and I had a first row seat to see how in love they were. I instantly thought to myself, I hope to photograph their wedding soon.

A few weeks ago Matt reached out to me about doing a surprise photo shoot. I knew instantly what he had in mind! Over the course of four weeks Matt and I figured out how to surprise Taylor and get them engaged.  I reached out to Taylor asking her if she and Matt would consider doing another portfolio shoot for me, but this time it would be at Echo Lake, and Id have an outfit for her.  She instantly agreed (phew!) and was so excited....from then on Matt and I just had to convince Taylor that everything was her idea.

I will let them tell the rest of their story, but from my end Taylor is a lucky girl. Matt is incredible and I love the lengths he went to make this happen for his girl.

Towards the very end of the photos you will see Taylors face when she figures out that this was all just part of the plan.

Congrats you two!!!!

She had no idea what was about to happen.