Colorado Wedding | Marco and Hayley

Marco and Hayley, I love these people. I love their hearts, their smiles, even their families were incredible. They made everyone feel so welcome, even ME, they checked on me through the wedding. BIG hearted, loving humans.

They began their day with a party at Marco’s house. The family all gets together and drinks Slivovits (brandy) from this beautiful canteen you can see below. They sang, danced and helped Marco get ready. Then Marco has to take an alternate route to the wedding so they don’t have any bad luck on their wedding day.

Their ceremony was in Boulder, CO at the Sunrise Amphitheater, if you haven’t ever been there it overlooks the entire city of Boulder and beyond. There was the perfect amount of cloud cover and it was such a beautiful day. During the ceremony they had such beautiful traditions like the tying of the hand and crowns, lighting of the candles, and a walk around the table. I love being able to immerse myself in different cultures.

When they first scheduled the reception and I saw five hours of dancing I said HA, no way…no one will dance that long. Well folks, I stand corrected. The Serbians come to get down, and get down they did, after five hours they were being pushed off the dance floor.

The night ended with a sparkler exit, which I LOVE to photograph. It was a perfect end to my Colorado wedding season.

I am so grateful to you Hayley and Marco, for everything. You are incredible people and you truly deserve every thing good this world can offer you.


Landynee Thomas, Palmer Flowers

Wedding Dress: Anna Be